Information & Communications Technologies. Wireless Networks & Social WiFi It’s a wireless world and most devices are now wireless enabled… it makes sense to expect a network that provides the coverage and performance you need to get the most out of the convenience that wireless offers.

BLUi can provide a well designed, reliable wireless network with the coverage and performance you need.

We have extensive experience in wireless networking and supply best-practice, scalable reliable networks that are delivered by our certified staff. Our experience with delivering successful wireless networks extend across a wide range of industries. We design, install and maintain wireless networks for

  • Homes and home automation systems

  • Offices and boardrooms with reliable AV sharing and guest user control

  • Schools and campus

  • Paces of worship, halls, conference centres and stadiums

  • Museums

  • Residential developments & estates

  • Commercial & industrial, indoor and outdoor wireless

  • Construction sites

     WiFi as a service

    • Flat fee per coverage area

      • Customised to your site and requirements

      • Scalable in capacity and coverage. Start small and grow when you need to.

      • Fully managed and monitored system; Your WiFi connectivity is our responsibility.

      • Warranty; Enjoy full warranty coverage, for as long as you have your subscription.

      Long range, high bandwidth wireless links

      As a Ubiquiti certified solution provider, BLUi is able to deliver reliable, long range wireless links to interconnect buildings and deliver services to remote locations with enough bandwidth for:
      • Voice, data and intercom systems
      • Connecting remote security systems including IP cameras, alarms and access control systems
      • Distributing broadband Internet
      • Remote data collection and file sharing
      Our engineered systems are reliable and work in harsh environments and remote locations. Where mains power is not available, our systems can be equipped with a standalone solar power supply with battery backup for 24/7 reliability. 

      Data storage and cloud backup solutions

      Networked storage that is fast, reliable, fault tolerant and affordable. Our storage solutions safeguard your data by employing various techniques, depending on the level of performance, availability and reliability you need:

      • Redundant hard disks in a fault tolerant array (RAID)
      • Redundant storage controllers
      • Redundant power supplies
      • Redundant network connections
      • Battery backed power supply
      • Replication and storage of your data to the cloud, encrypted and archived.

      VoIP and video and audio intercom systems Take an intercom call with video and HD audio on any smart device or computer. Works with iPhone/iPad, PC, Mac. Our systems can be integrated into your existing phone systems. Open the door for your visitor from your device while on the call.