Deter and detect thieves. Be safe and protect your premises. Enjoy peace of mind with an alarm system from BLUi.


Grade A1 back to base monitoring with instant notifications of perimeter & intruder alarms, temperature alarms, medical alarms and duress/hold-up alarms directly to your smart phone.

Choose any combination of notifications to be delivered; Phone call, push notifications to smart phones & email notifications can be delivered to any number of recipients.

Secure & Reliable

Grade A1 back to base monitoring gives you the confidence you need. Know and trust that your systems’ performance and status is monitored remotely. Alarms are actioned to tailored & specific procedures that ensure the right actions are taken in case an alarm occurs.

Powerful & Flexible

A wide range of innovative detection devices and solutions are available. Multi-site, multi-partition and multi-user systems allow us to tailor and scale your security system as required to maintain full security coverage.

Alarm activation and procedures are totally flexible and tailored to you. No guard to be dispatched? No problem. Send an ambulance, no questions asked? No problem. Call your in-laws while you’re away on holidays? No problem. We listen and work with you to give you the most flexible service in the industry.

BLUi iLog. A revolutionary service that puts you in control.

Update your alarm contacts, trading hours, and alarm procedures via the BLUi website, 24/7. Freely download activity and alarm reports in PDF format from the BLUi website anytime. Get the most out of your security system 24/7.

Future proof and video-enable your security alarm

Eliminate false alarms, get video sent to your phone instantly on alarm and take advantage of your existing broadband service to save phone call costs usually associated with monitored alarms

Affordable Our security alarm solution is industry-leading and competitively priced. Lease and rental options are also available.