How Home Automation can Save you Money.

How Home Automation can Save you Money.

How many times have you left home and forgot to turn off the TV or lights? You rush back home to ensure everything has been switched off. And do another double-check so your energy bills don’t skyrocket next quarter. This is where home automation can help you save time and money. 

Innovative smart technology is rapidly enhancing homes. Internet-enabled technology can now be used in everything from automated lighting to smart keys. Although a significant up-front cost to homeowners, you will increase your home value and appeal if you decide to sell, saving you money in the future.  

People love home automation systems, but few realise the benefits of installing such systems. They are not only innovative, but they also provide a significant investment opportunity for your home.  


Extra Convenience 

Home automation is adaptable and allows you to choose which smart devices you integrate. You can customise each device to for extra convenience. Connect all your lights, key locks, air conditioning and control it right from your smart phone. Schedule everything automatically to turn on and off and watch how you save money on your electricity bill.  


Save money 

Investing in a smart home automation system will save you money. They are an investment in your future should you put your home on the market. Automated lighting can decrease your energy consumption. About 10% of electricity you use at home is due to lighting or lights being left on unattended. Control and program your entire home’s lighting from your smartphone or tablet, and never forget to turn off lights again. You can add motion sensors instead of globes to your front door or walkway areas to save on costs.  

Having a professionally installed home automation system does require an initial upfront investment, but you will also be enjoying its many benefits long term.  


Do you want to save money with a home automation system? Contact us to book a demonstration.  


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