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Police Despatch Authorisation Form
Police can only respond to a verified intruder alarm (for example, video verified or verified by a security guard). However, we can have the police directly respond to duress, hold-up and panic alarms. To put this procedure in place, we need a signed authority form from you which authorises our team to request the Police attend, directly. Download and complete this form if you'd like to set this procedure up. Similarly, you can authorise us to despatch Ambulance services in case a medical alarm is received by our control room team, or to despatch the Fire Brigade directly should a fire/smoke alarm be reported back to base. These forms are one the downloads page. Once you've completed and signed the relevant forms, please scan your signed forms and attach them to a new support ticket or email them to We'll be in touch when we've received your forms and will confirm once these procedures are in place.
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