VARTA CR123A Professional Lithium 3V round cells

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VARTA CR123A Lithium Cylindrical are professional lithium round cells with long-lasting, supreme performance.

Designed to withstand extreme temperatures while delivering quick and reliable energy supply.

Perfectly suitable for today's modern life and for the use in Smart Home & Smart Security devices, ideal for cameras, photo flashes and flashlights.

The wide operating temperature range makes these batteries suitable for outdoor security sensors, wireless transmitters and for use in wireless devices installed in harsh environments.

You can use CR123A batteries wherever CR123 batteries are specified. 

  • Offers best performance parameters for high power and outdoor applications
  • Operates in a wide temperature range (-20° C up to 70° C)
  • VARTA Battery Experts since 1887
  • Guaranteed high-level performance and an extended storage time of up to 10 years
  • Suitable for Smart Home and battery-operated Wireless Security Motion Sensors, transmitters, remotes and other devices
  • Suitable for Smart Health devices

Note: Individual blister packs. The aesthetic design of the packaging may vary from batch to batch.

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