Liberty 6 X 1 Under Table Switcher Auto Scaler

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The DigitaLinx BYOD-HUB-UT is a 6x1 multi format A/V auto switcher that features a variety of input connection leads that are compatible with devices such as mobile phones and tablets, allowing a dependable wired connection to a display or TV monitor for presentation purposes.

The BYOD-HUB-UT features the following A/V input leads;
* Lightning
* MINI Display port
* Display port
* HDMI type-A
* HDMI type-D.

The BYOD-HUB-UT features an HDMI output with a built in 4K video scaler that can be set to either 4K or 1080p.

The BYOD-HUB-UT auto switches in priority from Lightning to HDMI Type D (going left to right as seen on front panel), the switcher will not memorise order of connection sequences. When there is no A/V input signal detected in the BYOD-HUB-UT after 10 minutes, the switcher hub will power OFF. When an A/V input signal is connected to a cable lead when the switcher hub is in the OFF state, the BYOD-HUB-UT will power ON.

A mounting bracket is included so unit can be mounted under a conference table or presentation podium.

Perfect for;

* Under table mount on conference room and huddle room tables
* Lectern mount for BYOD connectivity in Education or Training rooms
* Use without table mount and sit on top of table for BYOD connectivity
* Mount on mobile carts for easy device connectivity

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