Integrated Security 

Integrated Security
Integrated security puts the various security systems that usually work independently, together. Bringing these systems together provides the ability to quickly identify threats & incidents and better manage your security. Our state-of-the-art integrated security solutions allow the integration of various systems across any number of sites including: Intruder alarms, surveillance, access control, fire detection and visitor management systems.
Video integrated alarm systems with video verification
Easily find, review and save video recordings from the exact moment that your alarm system was triggered. Having your surveillance system integrated with your alarm system helps to verify alarms quickly and easily. Video verified alarms allow the security control room operators to directly dispatch the local police without dispatching a security guard, first. Get instant notification if a surveillance camera has been disconnected from your video recorder or is no longer reachable (failed, damaged, loss of power, etc) - get notified quickly; get back online and re-secured quickly! Have confidence knowing that the video surveillance is online and connected to all cameras with an integrated video and alarm system that is monitored back to base. 
Video integrated access control and visitor management
Verify exactly who (person and/or vehicle) accessed a particular door or gate quickly and easily. Get real-time video alerts and pop-ups if there is an access violation of potential risk. For example you can be notified of the following events, instantly via push notification, email or phone call: 
  • a lost or banned card is used 
  • a banned user attempts to gain access (fingerprint) 
  • an attempt to open a door outside of normal hours, even with a valid credential (card/PIN/fingerprint) 
  • a door or gate is left open/ajar for too long a door or gate is forced (i.e. opened without a valid credential being presented) either by damaging the door or by use of a key, etc. 
  • VIP visitor has entered to your facility 
Instant notification of these access violations put you in control of the security of your facility, sooner. Video integrated access control allows you to remotely open a door/gate and visually verify the door operation and that the door has been re-secured anytime, anywhere. 
Point of Sale (POS) integrated security
Easily recall transactions and their associated video. Replay any transaction and watch the sale process. Quickly find, playback and save video based on;
  • type/name of a product sold 
  • name of a clerk/staff member 
  • no sale (cash register opened without a valid sale) refund 
  • discount code used 
  • other, custom alerts and conditions can be configured to suit your business.
Licence Plate Recognition 
Proactive, intelligent surveillance that automatically recognises licence plates. 
  • Recorded video is indexed by the licence plates and the time and date that each vehicle/licence plate passes a recognition point. 
  • Easily categorise licence plates. 
  • Quickly search recorded video by a licence plate, eg. "Show me every time last week that the vehicle with registration ABC123 went through main gates 
  • Categorise licence plates into black lists, white lists, or a custom list, eg. create an 'employees vehicles' list 
  • Proactive, automatic actions based on a known license plate. i.e. open the gate for an employees' vehicle... or send an alarm email when a black listed car enters your facility. 
  • Custom integration into 3rd party systems, eg, weigh bridges, automated parking systems, retail intelligence, etc Integrated fire detection and surveillance system 
  • Minimise false alarms and improve response times with additional, visual verification of fire / smoke alarms. Visually verify fire escapes and emergency exits are open and accessible to occupants.