Video Verification
HD Surveillance

Instant Video Verification. Smart Technology, Smart Surveillance. 
HD IP cameras capture high quality video with more detail than traditional CCTV cameras. More video detail per camera means fewer cameras may be required to provide the surveillance coverage you need. Capture the best quality evidence with a HD surveillance system. 
Access your surveillance system, anytime on any device. 
View your HD cameras using your smart phone or tablet. Connect to your surveillance system on your local WiFi network, or remotely via cellular 3G/4G. 
Instant Push Notifications 
Arm your surveillance system from your smart phone or tablet to enable HD video alarm event clips to be sent offsite. Verify your alarms and events, instantly.Our innovative service instantly notifies you when the monitoring centre receives an event video clip. Event clips are stored offsite, securely, so not only will you be notified instantly, but also your HD video evidence is secured, instantly. 
Send The Police, First 
If you chose to have your site monitored, an operator will attend to the situation immediately as they assess the HD video clip to verify your alarm. Alarms verified this way allow the dispatch of Police directly to your site, immediately, without the need for a security patrol car or guard to attend and verify the situation at your site first. 
Intelligent Integration
Integration with point of sale and access control systems gives you smarter surveillance.