Secure, flexible, powerful and easy to use access control systems from BLUi put you in control of your premises and resources.

BLUi are specialists in the design, installation and maintenance of electronic access control systems.

With solutions ranging from single-door PIN or card access control suitable for home or small office installations, to multi-site networked access control systems with centralised management and control, BLUi can help secure your home, office, car park, school, hospital or multi-site enterprise.

Need an access control system and not sure where to start? Our design and quotation process ensures the systems we deliver will meet your needs, exactly.


Easily create reports on access events and trends, generate instant mustering reports and verify time sheets with time & attendance reports.

Controlling access with different types of credentials:

Use a combination of these credentials and technologies to improve the security and flexibility of your system:

  • PIN code
  • Card with standard read range
  • Card with long read range. i.e for vehicle, parking or accessibility systems?
  • Biometrics - Fingerprint, hand print, retina
  • Smart phone - Web access App, NFC, Bluetooth

Managing your access control system

Our systems are flexible and easy to manage. Manage your system or have BLUi manage and monitor your system.

  • Standalone systems with standalone management; Small scale with onsite management.
  • Standalone & multisite systems with central management; Medium to large scale. Self managed or fully managed options.
  • Cloud enabled - Standalone & multisite systems that are cloud-enabled. Self managed or fully managed. Monitored or un-monitored options with central control via our cloud security service.

Access control solutions that are:

Secure.State of the art, using the most secure and well supported technologies

Powerful.Get Access logs & time and attendance reporting from your system. Integrate your access control system with your CCTV, Intercom, Alarm & IT systems.

Easy to use.Standalone systems that are simple to use. Multisite systems with cloud based management for centralised control.

Flexible.Expand and remotely manage your system. Start with one door with few users, expand to many doors, with many users, in many locations.