How to Improve Physical Security in Small Businesses

How to Improve Physical Security in Small Businesses
Being a small business owner can be very gratifying but also demanding. When it comes to physical security, it is crucial to assess the risk of break-ins and security breaches or the entire business could be in danger.

Here below, you will find five ways to protect business premises from physical security threats:

Secure all entry points and windows

To curtail the risk of a break-in, you can put deadbolts on doors and locks on large windows. Make sure they are in place before closing the business, and you are good to go. On the other hand, maintaining a sound access control system is essential for the integrity of your business during working hours. In this regard, there are several ways to control access to a site: from passcodes to key cards to face scans. BLUi Security Australia is the leading provider of access control systems in the country, offering intelligent devices you can control from your smartphone.

Install security cameras

Any business can benefit from a CCTV system, especially if your premises are in a busy neighbourhood or you don't have much security staff. Security footage can make your employees feel safe at work, and also confirm any safety incident. For example, in the case of theft, vandalism or another unfortunate event, video footage can help identify suspects and provide clues for the police. Additionally, these days, security cameras have gotten more and more advanced, often having smart capabilities and remote controls, like those offered by BLUi Security.

Invest in An Alarm System

Installing an alarm system can save you plenty of money on insurance premiums, which is excellent for small businesses. Nowadays, it is possible to have a seamless integration between CCTV, access control and alarm systems, using smart devices you can control from your smartphone. 

Hire a security company

Shoplifting and theft are frequent in all businesses. If you consider your business to be at a high-risk, you could hire a professional security company to control all entry points in working hours. Besides, guards can assist employees and customers, deter potential criminals and maintain a safe environment. However, it is essential to evaluate if your small business has the budget to embrace this option.

Test your security system

All security systems need constant updates to remain safe and up-to-date. Day after day, criminals think of new ways to break into buildings or steal private information. Frequent updates are necessary to ensure that all systems are running their latest version. Also, performing regular checks can make spotting a potential weakness much easier.

In summary, ensuring sound physical security for your small business is essential to feel safe and confident. Having a sound physical security system is now easier than ever, with smart home devices and integrated equipment in the market, like those offered by BLUi Security Australia. For small business owners, having a reliable security system can mean the difference between success and loss

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